Get to Know: Briana Sharp

Sports Reporter

CC: What is your favorite movie?
BS: “I Am Legend,” because honestly sometimes I wish that would happen to me—it would be so cool.

CC: What is your favorite book?
BS: “48 Laws of Power,” it’s a self-help book that helps you deal with people and situations and things like that.

CC: What is your favorite genre of music and who is your favorite music artist?
BS: R&B. Chris Brown. He doesn’t even have to sing, he could just talk and I would be happy.

CC: Who is your favorite actor and actress?
BS: I would say Denzel Washington and Halle Berry.

CC: What is your favorite TV show?
BS: Can I say SpongeBob? I mean it’s so easy, and it’s always on.

CC: What’s your favorite memory pertaining to track and field at Texas State?
BS: Winning our conference championship last year.

CC: What is one of your favorite places to hang out in San Marcos?
BS: I would probably say Harris or one of the dining halls here on campus.

CC: If you only had a month to live and had to get started right now, what would you do? All expenses paid.
BS: I would get married, have a kid and go to California. I would shop till I drop, go out to eat at a bunch of different places that I’ve never been to before and I would travel everywhere that I possibly could.