Beyond the Game: Coralee Ramirez

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Senior outfielder Coralee Ramirez is a first generation college student who finds inspiration through her family’s support and life lessons of hard work.

Ramirez discovered her love of softball at five years old growing up in suburban Round Rock. Throughout her life she preferred to be outside playing sports, mostly with the boys, though that never fazed her.

“I would always get scraped up, and my mom would be crying ‘Oh you’re hurt,’” Ramirez said. “I just told her to slap a Band-Aid on it, and we’re good.”

Ramirez was a fairly quiet student during her freshman year at Vista Ridge High School.  She found athletics, specifically softball, as a way to help her branch out.  

Ramirez earned many honors as an athlete in high school, including Offensive Player of the Year and co-MVP, as well as being named to the Texas Glory Adkins’ All-State team. Her Vista Ridge Rangers made it all the way to the 5A State Semi-Finals in 2009.

Ramirez had a dream of playing softball in college, and when Texas State Coach Ricci Woodard gave her the opportunity, she did not hesitate to pass it up.

“I committed before I even got my driver’s license,” Ramirez said. “It was a big decision for me and my family.”
Being from the Central Texas area has made it easy for Ramirez to keep her support system—her family and friends—nearby.

 “They’re always at every game whether it’s here or away,” Ramirez said. “I love the support they’ve given me, not only throughout college, but high school and growing up.”

On the field, Ramirez replicates her family’s support for her toward her teammates.

“If you made a bad play or error, Coralee was always there to encourage you,” said Brooke Keel, a former Texas State outfielder. “If you make a good hit or catch, she’s going to be the first one to congratulate you and be happy for you.”

Ramirez was named to the Southland Conference All-Tournament Team in 2012 and recorded four hits and scored three runs in the SLC Tournament. Although she was grateful for the honor, the team’s success trumped her own decoration.

“We ended up winning the Southland Conference Tournament and going to regionals,” Ramirez said. “That was an even bigger accolade.”

Evident by her constant showcase of communal support, family is a big facet of Ramirez’s life. Being a first generation college student has taught her much in terms of dedication and working towards whatever she wants to accomplish. Ramirez remains close with her family and, when she can, returns the support they have shown her.

“They’re all very close,” Keel said. “Her parents are supportive of her, and she’s involved with her sister and nephew. (Her nephew) plays football and hockey, and on her free weekends, she always goes to his games.”

Ramirez’s family is a motivating factor for her work ethic, not only in softball but in school and the rest of her life.
“I’m proud to be a part of my family because they instilled a hardworking mentality,” Ramirez said. “You can’t just sit around and think things are going to get done, and that’s what they taught me growing up.”

Nearing the latter portion of her college career, Ramirez finds it gratifying to say she is not only representing her family but the student athletes at Texas State.

“It’s not easy being a student athlete, but it’s rewarding in the end,” Ramirez said.