Get to Know: Ty Harrington


Sports Reporter

KJ: Who is a Major League ballplayer you really like to watch?
TH: I would say Paul Goldschmidt just because I coached him, and it’s nice to see him play. Derek Jeter is also someone I like watching.

KJ: Who was your favorite team growing up?
TH: The New York Yankees. I am from Waco and both my parents went there (Baylor), so I enjoyed watching the Baylor Bears.

KJ: What team do you enjoy watching in baseball?
TH: The major league teams I watch are the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros. I enjoy watching my favorite team—the Yankees—when I can.     

KJ: Most memorable moment as a coach?
TH: I couldn’t pick out just one thing because it’s usually something negative, but it’s probably just coaching the kids and watching them develop into great players.

KJ: What makes Bobcat Field such a good atmosphere?
TH: It is an upbeat place to play. We are playing new music during walk-up songs and selling out tickets this season, filling Bobcat Field with great crowds.  

KJ: Who was a coach you looked up to when you were up-and-coming?
TH: I would say it was the coach I played for at Texas, Coach Gus (Cliff Gustafson).