Get to Know: MIchelle Jones

Sports Reporter

IJ: What’s your favorite movie?
MJ: Anchorman, the original one. It’s just silly.

IJ: What’s your favorite TV show?
MJ: At the moment, Dexter, I started the whole series at the beginning of Christmas break, and I only have five more to go.

IJ: What motivates you?
MJ: Constantly getting better, being able to compete against people and making the team better.

IJ: What’s your favorite Texas State memory?
MJ: There are so many. Because it was so recent, winning conference last year. It was huge, we hadn’t done it in a while, and I got to be a part of one of the teams that did.

IJ: What are your immediate goals after college?
MJ: Either to go to school out in Houston, or staying here. We’ll see.

IJ: What do you want to do in school?
MJ: Further (my) education since I’m looking to get into a medical field. There’s an anesthesiology school out in Houston I’m looking into or even a P.A. (physician’s assistant) school.  

IJ: Do you have a favorite pre-meet meal?
MJ: It’s probably just pasta because we always end up going out with some group. It’s not necessarily the same people, but usually some of the distance people will go out and eat pasta. Even when we’re traveling, it’s just pasta.

IJ: Any rituals?
MJ: I wear the same pair of socks. One’s a Spiderman sock and the other one has shooting stars on it.

IJ: What are you looking forward to this semester?
MJ: Definitely my classes. I’m really interested in them this semester, getting better in all of my own events in track and then figuring out what I’m going to do next year.

IJ: What’s one goal for the semester?
MJ: To run a 4:50 mile

IJ: What’s your favorite spot in San Marcos?
MJ: Probably the river because there are so many things you can do. You can swim, you can lay out, you can play Frisbee, volleyball. You can do anything.