Get to Know: Dana Boone

Sports Reporter

IJ: What was your favorite memory as an athlete?
DB: One of my fondest memories was the first time I jumped 21 feet, 9 inches. I still have that feeling of euphoria. It was so much fun and exciting at the same time.

IJ: What about as a coach?
DB: As a coach, it’d have to be my first NCAA champion, when Candyce McGrone won the NCAA title in 2011.

IJ: Athletes have pregame rituals, or pre-meet rituals. Do you have any as a coach, or did you have any when you competed?
DB: I had to laugh at myself last year because I felt that I had a lucky pair of shoes. I would only put them on at the conference meet indoor when we won. So I’m going to wear them outdoors too. Other than that, I consider myself a creature of habit, but I don’t feel like I have a ritual.

IJ: What’s your favorite type of music?
DB: I actually like a little bit of everything, but I like ‘80s music across the board.

IJ: What’s your favorite type of food?
DB: I’ve never been a person with a favorite type of food. Probably a steak—I’m a meat-eater—meat and potatoes.

IJ: If I’m talking to someone, and I mention your name, what do you want to be the first thing that comes to his or her mind?
DB: I would hope there would be a respect for the body of work that I’ve tried to put together over my 20 years of coaching. That’s the biggest thing. I would like respect from peers as every coach would—to know that the work you’ve done hasn’t gone unnoticed.

IJ: You’re from Virginia. What’s your favorite part about Texas?
DB: I like the weather, until this year, but the fact that it doesn’t stay cold for very long.

IJ: What do you like specifically about San Marcos?
DB: I like that I don’t have to deal with as much traffic. Having used to live in Austin before, the traffic was a mess.

IJ: You just have trains, right?
DB: Exactly, trains, yeah that’s a new thing, but I enjoy the location. It’s kind of laid back, but between two big cities.

IJ: You represent the Bobcats now, but before when you went to Virginia and Middle Tennessee State, did you consider yourself more of a Cavalier or a Blue Raider?
DB: Well obviously I spent four years as a Virginia Cavalier, and I never competed for Middle Tennessee State. I was just a graduate assistant, so I helped the team out. I would consider myself a Cavalier.