Campus Construction Update

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Comal Building

Comal Building
Construction on the Comal Building began in May 2013, and is scheduled to be complete in June 2014.

Classrooms and offices for the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Philosophy will be housed in the building, as well as a Philosophy dialogue room, said Nancy Nusbaum, associate vice president for Finance and Support Services. The estimated cost of the project is $13.85 million.

Interior demolition, exterior brick repair work and excavation for the new water service lines in the building have been completed. Replacement of the existing roof, installation of underground electrical service lines, structural steel framing and stairs, as well as the replacement of the window system, have yet to be completed.

The electrical infrastructure upgrade construction on the building began in January 2012, and was completed in January 2013. The entire undertaking is anticipated for completion in December 2014, and the projected cost of the renovation is $11.8 million.

Old Main
The Old Main roof repair project began in January 2013, and the anticipated cost is $3.5 million. The project includes minor structural repairs, replacement of the roof and repairs to damaged wood framing, Nusbaum said.

Construction is 55 percent complete, with masonry cleaning and limestone block replacement already finished, Nusbaum said. The windows and doors were finished last month, and repairs to the roof are underway.

“Although they wanted the roof done by Homecoming, they are still on schedule for the actual construction completion date, which is this month,” Nusbaum said. “The rain held the construction back.”

Performing Arts Center
Construction of the Performing Arts Center started in September 2011 and was completed September 2013. The grand opening ceremony is scheduled for February 2014, and the total estimated cost of the project is $83.2 million, Nusbaum said.

The center is composed of a recital hall, a theater, the Edward Gary Street Garage, South Chill Plant, streets and grounds. The recital hall seats 300 and the theater seats 400. The parking garage holds 455 cars and is mostly complete except for a few
additional improvements.

West Campus Housing Complex
Construction of the West Campus Housing Complex began in November 2012, and its projected completion date is June 2014. Residents should be able to move in  for the fall 2014 semester. The projected cost of the project is about $60.5 million,
Nusbaum said.

The residence hall will house 578 beds, and the dorm layout will feature two bedrooms with an adjoining bathroom. There will be a small community building, meeting rooms, offices and small study rooms or lounges.

“We are able to use one percent of our construction budget on artwork,” Nusbaum said. “For West Campus Housing we chose James Surls, a Texas artist, in October 2012 to design a tetrahedron vase sculpture.”

Currently, the residence hall portion of the project is 34 percent complete. The installation of windows, roofs, exterior brick and plaster and mechanical equipment will be completed in the next three months. The utilities portion of the project is 97
percent complete.