Concealed carry task force formed in response to campus carry bill


President Denise Trauth has created a 26-member Concealed Carry Task Force in response to the campus carry bill passed in the 84th Legislature.

The group, including four faculty representatives, will begin meeting Sept. 4. Michel Conroy, faculty senate chair, said the task force aims to smoothly and safely integrate the new campus carry legislation onto campus.

Trauth stated in a letter sent to potential task force members that the group will be responsible for gathering relevant student and facilities’ data, staying educated on safety concerns and suggestions from university members.

Conroy said she and three other faculty members have been selected as representatives of the university’s faculty on the task force.

Disabled woman found, ex-boyfriend arrested


San Marcos and San Antonio police located Melody Renfro Aug. 20, 12 days after she went missing.
Police arrested Devend Christopher Bell, a San Antonio man described as Renfro’s ex-boyfriend, after he was found in Bell in his mother’s house on Stone River Road. 

Deadline for FEMA aid approaching


The last day for Central Texas flood victims to register for aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) following the Memorial Day weekend flooding is tomorrow.
FEMA distributes grants to residents in disaster areas to help rehabilitate those who were left either homeless or in need of home repair following a major flood.

Blue Bell makes anticipated return in east Texas counties

Three months into the Blue Bell drought, the household creamery is expected to return to frozen food shelves by Aug. 31 in Austin and surrounding areas.

The ice cream company had to recall all of their products due to a listeria outbreak back in April. Joe Robertson, spokesman for Blue Bell Creameries in Brenham, Texas, said shipment has already begun from the Sylacauge, Alabama factory.

“We are starting small,” Robertson said. “Blue Bell plans to ship ice cream to a limited number of markets. We only have one production facility up and running in Alabama, inventory is very limited and this in turn limits where we can distribute the product.”

University joins diversity pledge recognized by President Obama

Texas State was one of more than 120 institutions that pledged their support to a diversity initiative presented Aug. 4 at the White House Demo Day in Washington, D.C.

The initiative was presented in the form of a one-page pledge signed by deans of the participating schools. Under the pledge, institutions of higher education must commit to at least one K-12 or community college program aimed at increasing the diversity of the engineering student body.

President Barack Obama announced the initiative to an audience that included CEOs of major companies like Intel and startup businesses owners for bringing a change to the way things are done in the United States.

Blanco Gardens residents express frustration with city over letter


Blanco Gardens’ residents voiced their frustrations at the Aug. 4 city council meeting after they received federal letters notifying them their homes may no longer be protected by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

The City of San Marcos Permit Center and Engineering Department distributed letters July 23 to inform 135 home owners that in order to remain in compliance with the NFIP, houses with “substantial damage” caused by the Memorial Day weekend floods must be elevated more than one foot over the flood plain or they would no longer be protected by the NFIP.

Jared Miller, city manager, said many of the letter’s recipients initially misunderstood its message, thinking their only options were to elevate the homes or destroy them.

President Trauth speaks to Student Government at first meeting

President Denise Trauth served as the first speaker of the year at Monday’s Student Government meeting, discussing issues from construction to campus carry. 
Trauth said the plans to build an overpass over the railroad tracks crossing Aquarena Springs Drive will help to clear up congestion in the area that occurs on a day-to-day basis. The overpass will create a flow of traffic that won’t get stuck waiting for a train to pass.
“We don’t want an incident where an ambulance gets stuck because of a moving train,” Trauth said. “It will also clear up a lot of congestion that occurs during football games and commencement.”

Strahan Coliseum to gain 80,000 square feet next year

The Texas State University System Board of Regents approved a multi-million-dollar renovation to expand Strahan Coliseum.

The coliseum, home to the Texas State basketball and volleyball teams, is expected to undergo construction next August, according to the agreement. Juan Guerra, associate vice president of facilities, said a design layout will be approved this October. Once renovation starts, it will take an estimated two years to complete the construction, Guerra said. Renovation is expected to be complete by Spring 2018.

In May, renovation plans will be submitted to the Board of Regents. If they approve, construction will most likely start next August, Guerra said.

Stage 2 drought restrictions return

University officials are asking students to conserve water after the Edwards Aquifer Authority reinstated Stage 2 drought restrictions today.

Under Stage 2 restrictions, the university is required to reduce their water consumption by 30 percent of the total amount allotted annually for use, according to a press release from university facilities management.

Gordon Green, director of Facilities Management, said in the press release that students and faculty should report any water leaks immediately to facilities management. 

Two students among nine arrested Friday

Two Texas State students were arrested Aug. 21 in New Braunfels for disorderly conduct.

Shannon Winston, exploratory sophomore, and Luther Yamthe, accounting sophomore, were among 6 other people arrested for disorderly conduct Aug. 21, according to Comal County jail records.

The two were involved in a fight on a party bus stopped at a gas station in New Braunfels, according to the New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung. The bus was on its way to San Marcos from San Antonio.


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