San Martians celebrate SMTX Pride parade over the weekend


Amongst billowing rainbow flags, Mayor Daniel Guerrero proclaimed Sept. 12 to be official Gay Pride Day of San Marcos at the pride parade this past Saturday.

"I call upon the people of San Marcos to show their support in understanding and to speak for tolerance, justice and dignity for all of our citizens," Guerrero said.

The parade began at Dunbar Park and ended in Park Plaza, where citizens, vendors and members of local and university-based organizations marched in support of the LGBTQIA community.

Same-sex couples joined together to be married on the day of celebration atop the Park Plaza stage. The ceremonies were performed for free by Scottie McIntyre Johnson, minister of San Marcos Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.

City council candidate Stephen Herrera drops out of Place 5 race

San Marcos High School teacher Stephen Herrera publically announced Sunday his withdrawal from city council elections.

Herrera said he “hit a brick wall” during his campaign after hearing feedback from some constituents. Herrera said some citizens thought he only joined the race to split the Hispanic vote between himself and opponent, Frank T. Arredondo.

“I don’t have the political support behind me to defend myself against that and simultaneously be the best teacher I can be,” Herrera said.

Herrera said his opponents, Arredondo and Scott Gregson, are prominent members in the community. Both opponents have an extensive resume of credentials for the open seat on the council, he said.

Campus carry task force starts preliminary process

A campus carry task force is transitioning into the information-gathering process to prepare for the implementation of new gun legislation.

The task force, led by Vicki Brittain, will draft policies and guidelines regarding the implementation of campus carry next fall. President Denise Trauth will review the policies before taking them to the Board of Regents. Trauth has asked the task force to submit the policies by spring break.

The task force will feature subcommittees to consider specific issues and work to represent different groups.

Repair, rebuilding costs of Memorial Day flood continue to climb

Four months after the Memorial Day weekend flooding, San Marcos and Hays County are still calculating the monetary cost from repairing and rebuilding flood-stricken areas of the community. 

The city and county suffered damage to infrastructure, buildings, parks and other public property. An estimate released by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)  June 22 predicted the cost of public assistance, including bridge and road repairs, will be $33 million.

Laureen Chernow, Hays County media representative, said it could take several years to finish repairing damage caused by the flood.  

University website to undergo renovations, mobile compatibility updates

Texas State is redesigning its university website to become more modern and efficient for its virtual visitors.

Officials are updating the site for the first time in six years. Updates will include improvements for mobile use and people with sight impairments.

The Gato template is a content management system allowing amateur web publishers to create functional, appealing websites without needing design or development knowledge.

Texas State’s homepage gets around 1.2 million views every month, half of which are first-time views, said Michael Edelstone, head web designer for the Gato template. For this reason, it is important for Texas State to make a good impression online.

Dining halls implement portion control in response to FDA protocol


Harris and Commons dining halls are serving smaller portion sizes in response to a change in the Food and Drug Administration’s protocol.

In an effort to meet the FDA’s expectations, Chartwells is in the process of implementing portion control in buffet-style dining halls and nutrition information displays in the Den and the Lair, said Amanda Sherman, director of marketing for Chartwells.

According to the FDA, the updated regulations are designed to give consumers the opportunity to be informed about what they’re eating.

The FDA guidelines require the food service industry, by January 2017, to place calorie and nutrition information on their products. The guidelines were originally implemented last year.

Multicultural Greek life picks up pace on campus

Campus Greek life was in full motion last week as fraternities and sororities flooded The Quad looking to recruit new members.

In an attempt to inform students of what their organizations have to offer, the multicultural Greek chapters gathered in The Quad Sept. 3 and played dance music and invited students passing by to participate in different games.

“This has literally changed my life for the better,” said Benito Salazar, president of Sigma Lambda Beta and management senior. “I’ve found a home where I can socialize with people who understand my background and culture. This really allows you to be part of something that is bigger than yourself.”

City honors fallen 9/11 victims 14 years later

Community members bowed their heads for a moment of silence this morning at City Hall as the San Marcos Fire Department Honor Guard raised the same flag that flew over the city on the infamous day of tragedy 14 years ago.

The city’s first responders paid their respects to fallen heroes from across the nation. Mayor Daniel Guerrero said the events in 2001 changed the community’s way of thinking.

“It’s certainly always a moment of reflection to be here on this day,” Guerrero said. “Fourteen years ago, I’m sure each and every one of you can recall where you may have been and what you were thinking.”

The Marc celebrates second anniversary, hopes to book bigger shows

The Marc celebrated its 2nd year anniversary on The Square with a weekend of musical performances.

Two years ago, AfterDark Entertainment purchased the Texas Music Theater (TMT) and renamed it The Marc, making it their central home, said Shane Marshall, marketing director of AfterDark Entertainment. The Marc’s first show was in 2013 on Sept. 6 with a performance by Ookay.

TMT was widely known for their Texas country shows. Today, The Marc hosts a variety of artists ranging from electronic dance music and hip-hop to Texas country.

Marshall said The Marc’s opening night was a huge success. However, the company struggled to draw large crowds, especially on weekdays.

Q&A with Frank T. Arredondo, Place 5 city council candidate

San Marcos City Council elections are quickly approaching. The University Star sat down with Place 5 candidate Frank T. Arredondo to discuss his campaign.

Born: November 28, 1946, San Marcos, Texas

Occupation: Retired

Education: B.B.A. Southwest Texas University, attended Executive School of Management at San Diego University


Alexa Tavarez: Where do you call home and why?

Frank T. Arredondo: Here in San Marcos. I was born here. I love the community. I’ve given a lot of community service to it.

AT: Why did you decide to run for public office?


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