An Iraqi veteran is accusing Texas State of implementing an illegal policy after an event regarding his service dog happened earlier this year.

Jeremy Kennard, social work senior, contacted a lawyer when he discovered the university enforced a policy he felt violated the federal American Disability Act.


Green Guys Recycling took Memorial Day flood 'personally'

Green Guys Recycling, a San Marcos company dedicated to household recycling, was affected when some of its employees lost everything during the Memorial Day weekend flooding.

Laura Driver, administrative service manager at Green Guys, said the company’s dedication to disaster relief runs deeper than just its employees’ personal losses.


He's coming home: Mercer returns to his own 'backyard'

On Saturday night, one of Houston’s own had the first homecoming of his collegiate career.

That someone was Demun Mercer, sophomore wide receiver.


Proposed tourist fee for the river ineffective plan

Making tourists pay a fee to enjoy a natural resource is a ridiculous, unrealistic proposal that does more harm than good to the community.